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When in doubt, flail it out!

Early release of Victor's Day Out, an endless runner with unlockable skins and levels and an emphasis on causing mayhem! Click to jump and help Victor flail through town getting up to no good to earn more Bux.

The game is still in development so any feedback or bug reports would be more than welcome. You can post them here on the boards or on Twitter.

While you're at it you can always follow @FlavoringAgent for more news on updates. Fixes, updates, new skins, and new levels all coming soon.


Current Version - v0.5.1: Fixed a few bugs. - 9/10/16

v0.5.0: Added placeholder skip cinematic and quit application buttons. - 4/24/16

v0.4.2: Just fixed some bugs. Nothing to see here. Also adding patch dates for great justice. - 3/30/16

v0.4.1: Added some pre-loader goodness. There may or may not be Easter Eggs... Just in time for an Easter Egg hunt! - 3/27/16

v0.4.0: Added BG tree layers to level one, for added visual *oomph*. Will have to update screenshots. Also intro cinematic roar is back in there. - 3/20/16

v0.3.1: added the dreaded Bucket of Knives hazard. along with visual fixes to opening cinematic (though the roar sound is currently out, will re-add next version) and some bug fixes. - 3/13/16

v0.3.0: added slot machine mechanic- take a spin to enable increased pickup drop rate and weight the level's pickups towards one type.

Take out of pre-release on Itch.IO, though still lots of fixes and additional content incoming.

Graphics for another trap almost done, then its adding more sounds, bug hunting, and additional content! - 3/6/16

v0.2.0: added first implementation of pickups. still need some FX and additional effects, but largely in there:

    • Heart of The Cheetah- gives brief invulnerability
    • Money Bag- gives extra bux
    • Mountain Spew- Increases movement (and soon) jumping height.

v0.1.3: Added a couple of new backgrounds for houses. Need to find time to tackle some more meaty problems...

v0.1.2: Fixed one of the many issues with level 1 opening cinematic. Fixed issue with selecting alternate skins. Code is a bit tighter, be adding more content soon.

v0.1.1: Fixed some issues with unlocking skins and added some randomization to levels. Found workaround for WebGL build issues.

v0.1.0: first pre-release


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